Vivian Dittmar

Founder Be-the-Change Foundation

Founder Be-the-change Foundation

As an author, speaker and wisdom teacher, Vivian Dittmar has been committed to fostering the holistic development of people, society, business and consciousness for two decades. During her childhood and youth she lived on three continents: Europe, the United States and Asia, where she witnessed poverty and luxury. To learn more about human nature Vivian Dittmar travelled through India, Indonesia, Central and South America and finally returned to Europe in 2003 to contribute to a change in consciousness. In Germany, where she lives with her two sons and her family today, she founded the “Be the Change”- Foundation for Cultural Change. The development of society as a whole became the focus of her work. Vivian Dittmar wrote several books. Best known are “Your Inner GPS”, 2019 and “True Prosperity”, 2021. Some of her books are available in German and English.