eight reasons for a 180° turn

1. Develop your personal backup!

Surveys between flight crews make it clear: Since the pandemic hit the industry, a majority of the crews are at least from time to time thinking about quitting their jobs. Because nobody knows how things will develop. And even if you continue to fly – it´s always good to have a backup. Or would you take off on a long range trip without having considered an alternate? 

2. You are worth it.

Imagine you depart on an expedition. Would you choose a cheap guide or the best one? 

This 49 day journey is an expedition to your inner beliefs, your abilities and interests, an exploration of your view on the world, your moods and emotions. We chose the best experts, cooperated with universities from different European countries and worked with a film crew that won an award in Cannes. Simply because you are worth it.

3. The Go Around Guarantee

This is not a CAT 3 approach. If you don´t like what you see – Go around!  That’s why we created a five days free trial account for you, so you know what you can expect before paying anything

4. Brandnew

You won´t find another product like this. Simply because there is no other on the market. Brand new. Exciting. From pilots and flight attendants. For flight attendants and pilots. With the expertise of a dozen scientists and coaches in the hot seat. Enjoy a perfect CRM, connect with others during the course and take the first steps into your new life. 

5. Career chances

Improve your career chances by understanding your own personality. Try out the test battery, exclusively designed for flight crews by a team of scientists from an Austrian university. Learn about the transferable skills of pilots and flight attendants which can be used for other jobs. Get practical advice when applying for a new job from our Masterclass teachers, learn new skills from Pro´s in our worshops or find inspiration from others pilots or flight attendants who have already fallen in love with their new profession.


6. Special Offers

The more people to connect with, the better for you - and for us! Team up with your buddies and form a group of participants. The more people you bring, the higher the discount you will receive. 

7. Tax deductibility

In some countries, our programme is fully tax deductible as vocational training. We therefore recommend an individual discussion with the tax office or a tax advisor to take advantage of this possibility.

8. Sponsorships

One Eight Zero® is not just another online platform. It´s a way to connect, exchange ideas and motivate each other, across borders and cultures. We believe this possibility should not depend on your financial situation. That´s why we collaborate with unions and offer sponsorships and special grants for unemployed flight crews. Don´t be shy: talk to us, tell us how you are – and if necessary, let us pay the bill for you!

To sum
it up

Our platform wraps all the important information into a journey you can enjoy at home, abroad or wherever you are right now.

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"The evening with you has triggered a thought process for me. I know I want to continue sitting in the cockpit. But for the first time the next morning I thought to myself: possibly flying is not yet everything in my life."

Karin Arning, First Officer, Dubai

"Although flying private jets is booming at the moment, conditions for us pilots have deteriorated in some cases. I know some colleagues who are asking themselves the question of meaning. The ONE EIGHT ZERO program is a valuable offer to reorient themselves professionally."

Capt. Tassilo Lubec, Global Express Businessjet, Vienna

"Here, people who come from the industry are at work with a motivating team. You can feel that immediately. ONE EIGHT ZERO conveys that change is not only negative – for me personally a very valuable approach in times of upheaval!"

Sabine Zimmer, Former team leader Cabin Crew, Lufthansa Frankfurt

"ONE EIGHT ZERO has set a lot of rolling and encouraged me to go new ways. Not to shy away from risk and to rediscover my talents. To find a way out of this mood between dreariness and lack of alternatives."

Capt. Christian Winkel, Bombardier Q 400, Bregenz