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Take off to your new life! 

Change is
a great opportunity.

Let's take advantage of it.
Here. Right now.

Time for a "ONE EIGHT ZERO" turn. Reinventing yourself from the ground up and taking a different path in life is often unavoidable, but for many it is a great challenge. We take people by the hand who find themselves in this particular situation and guide them through the transformation process. Through workshops, individual coaching, boot camps and much more, we strengthen the willingness to take time for oneself, to get to know oneself, to leave the comfort zone and to take life into one's own hands.


Ready for take-off.
Into a new life.

We support pilots who are no longer able or willing to fly in their transition process to a new professional and mental path in life. We help to give them the necessary space and time to look thoroughly into themselves and discover hidden talents. Every change comes from within.  Beyond imaginary standards, boundaries or social norms. With us there is the chance to build stronger trust in yourself, to find a new focus and to live this valuable change.

Flight attendants

Your wings already
exist ...

A life after the exciting time above the clouds as a flight attendant? There is such a thing! We are not only dedicated to the pilots, but also to the whole cabin crew. In our program you will have the opportunity to get to know your own strengths step by step, to overcome inner obstacles and to find the courage and determination for your own transformation. (The focus is on mental energy, hidden abilities and the essential path to self-realization).

Airlines and Unions

to care!

We help airlines in difficult times: With our tailored program, they can show both internally and externally that they are taking responsibility for their employees. We also stand by works councils when it comes to showing people new career perspectives and life paths. In our #oneeightzero reorientation process, there is the opportunity to take enough time for yourself and focus on your own strengths. People need support and interactive opportunities to make a new career start. That's what we're here for.

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The 180° turn 

to yourself

Moments can change lives. “ONE EIGHT ZERO” founder Michael Marchetti knows what he is talking about: During a 3000 km hike through New Zealand with his wife, his own priorities were completely rearranged. These turned him from a pilot into a company founder and supporter of colleagues who want to reinvent themselves.

Developing to make you grow

Who we are.

Our team consists of pilots, journalists, coaches and transformation experts. We know from our own experience what a strain a job change is and how much courage change takes. The better the preparation, the more successful your new start. We help you do it. Fast. Competently. And above all: human.

We believe in people.

What we believe.

Each person is unique, born with talents and gifts to give to the world. Give, to be precise. It's not about how to make money the fastest, but about what everyone can contribute to this world. Whoever finds that will also find his vocation. Whoever can make a profession out of it will also be happy.

7 weeks from now, you will thank yourself.

What we offer.

Tailor-made packages for your departure into the future. With a completely new online program. Workshops, peer groups and individual coaching sessions are complemented by input from global thought leaders. We accompany you on your way, connect you with like-minded people and potential new employers. Seize your opportunities instead of waiting!

We follow
our vision

We are currently developing a new platform and working on a special online program for Pilots and Cabin Crews, which will be launched in the first quarter of the year. If you are interested in being one of the first to get it for a reduced price, use the contact form to leave us a note!

Social News

    "The evening with you has triggered a thought process for me. I know I want to continue sitting in the cockpit. But for the first time the next morning I thought to myself: possibly flying is not yet everything in my life."

    Karin Arning, First Officer, Dubai

    "Although flying private jets is booming at the moment, conditions for us pilots have deteriorated in some cases. I know some colleagues who are asking themselves the question of meaning. The ONE EIGHT ZERO program is a valuable offer to reorient themselves professionally."

    Capt. Tassilo Lubec, Global Express Businessjet, Vienna

    "Here, people who come from the industry are at work with a motivating team. You can feel that immediately. ONE EIGHT ZERO conveys that change is not only negative – for me personally a very valuable approach in times of upheaval!"

    Sabine Zimmer, Former team leader Cabin Crew, Lufthansa Frankfurt

    "ONE EIGHT ZERO has set a lot of rolling and encouraged me to go new ways. Not to shy away from risk and to rediscover my talents. To find a way out of this mood between dreariness and lack of alternatives."

    Capt. Christian Winkel, Bombardier Q 400, Bregenz


    communication is key.

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