Paul Pietsch

Paul Pietsch

Martial Arts Champion

Martial Arts Champion, Trainer
Instagram: paulpietsch_bjj

Paul Pietsch is currently studying Education in Sports and Science at the University of Vienna. After receiving his bachelor degree, he will be a teacher for kids between 10 and 18 years old. Martial arts have been a constant throughout his life, starting out with the Korean martial art Taekwondo at the age of nine. After four years he switched to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Since 2017 Paul Pietsch has been a member of the Austrian National Team and won the state championships three times in a row. During his Jiu Jitsu scholarships in the USA, Paul Pietsch realized that it is not just competing, but also teaching that brings him great joy. Since 2019 Paul Pietsch teaches group classes for kids and adults, as well as private lessons.

Paul Pietsch recommends: Podcasts were a big influence on Paul, so he recommends the Jocko Podcast. A retired Navy Seal Commander and BJJ Blackbelt talks about his career and reflects on the lessons that he now implements in his everyday life and business: