Sonja Rössler

Sonja Rössler

Yoga Teacher


Born in Austria, Sonja was drawn early to music and dance. As a child she experienced a special flow state while dancing, which laid the foundations for her lifelong search and passion. Still a teenager, she worked as an instructor for hip hop, modern and jazz dance. Later she participated in dance shows, teaching in studios and at university. She studied Art History and became a teacher for Sports and English. Sonja also spent some years abroad, she lived in France and Texas, where she got in touch with Yoga and did her Yoga Teacher Training with David Swenson. Later she founded her own Yoga Studio, „Perform“ in Vienna and continued to experiment with dance and sound therapy. "For as long as I can remember, I have been a mover, an "embodier“, she says, "living reality fully through the experience of my body. Thankful for my teachers, the beautiful souls of my students and the continuous learning that comes with it.

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