Wolfgang Lalouschek

Wolfgang Lalouschek


Neuro-Scientist, Coach

Wolfgang Lalouschek is a specialist in Neurology, Corporate Consultant and Executive Coach. He studied Medicine and Biology at the University of Vienna, worked for several years in hospitals, specialised in cerebrovascular diseases and eating disorders. Since 2016 Wolfgang Lalouschek is head of the faculty of psychosomatics at the Sigmund Freud Private University in Vienna, since 2018 he is the founder and coordinator of the planetYES initiative for healthy social, ecological and economic development. He is CEO of The Tree Consulting and founder of MY21, Fit for the Future in 21 days. Wolfgang Lalouschek also offers executive coaching and keynote speeches. His favorite topics for seminars are neuroleadership, healthy leadership, effective collaboration and leadership in the new world of work, stress-regulation and burnout-prevention.

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