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Change is
a great opportunity.

Let's take advantage of it.
Right now.

This is also true for OneEightZero: we have grown up and are expanding our platform for new target groups. The program for pilots remains unchanged, but in addition we are opening the journey to one's own vocation to all other people in need of change. Therefore, we have created a new and even more compact Coaching program. New offers in Austria are furthermore (note: in German language only, except the IDG workshop):


What (self-)leadership
looks like in the future

"Change starts within," thought the Swedish founding initiative of the Inner Development Goals in 2019, defining five pillars that help achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating and Acting). In addition, 23 human skills and qualities were named that serve one's own development and inner growth. We present these to you and help you to finally get into action. This is the first workshop in Austria on this topic.

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Check out “Inner Development Goals” from Visionary Films Stockholm:

Personal development

A Surprise Trip out of your Comfort Zone

Our individual 5-day trip through Austria is unforgettable! Between start and finish (almost) everything remains undecided. How the individual steps will look like depends on your skills and the mood of the day. The only thing that is certain is that participants travel without money. Because that opens the door to surprises. At the beginning of the journey there is a road book with an assignment, on the way care by OneEightZero team members and at the end unplannable moments, touching encounters and a story to tell your grandchildren!

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A space for truth telling

Our "Lessons in Love" night has been around since April 2023, and the next edition will take place in September 2024 in Vienna (in German language only!). Speakers will share their misadventures, mistakes and missteps in love - on stage. A couples therapist and a coach will lead through the evening, ask questions and invite the audience to participate in discussions. Appreciation and humor are at the forefront.

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Summer Special: Change now!


Starting anew means letting go of the old. And then living life.


People fear change: it's better to accept the familiar evils than not know what lurks behind a dismissal or the end of a (bad) partnership. Life often has to force us to start over before we realize what we couldn't have imagined before: The new is better than the old - at least in some aspects guaranteed!

We at OneEightZero have made new beginnings our passion. We know what we're talking about when we talk about "not knowing": failure, leaving prestigious jobs behind. Accompanied by doubts and despair. But also the magic of the beginning. The freedom to reinvent yourself. And the moments of happiness when we look back and know that it was worth it.

Company founder Michael Marchetti has had several professions himself, has been a diving instructor, pilot, travel guide, journalist, coach and entrepreneur, and has lived in six countries on four continents. With and without a family. His conclusion: it is not age, education or our financial resources that determine how upheavals turn out.

When we are thrown back on ourselves, it is our ability and willingness to really embrace new things that will take us forward. Asking ourselves the right questions. To see through our habits. To change our perspective. To listen to our own voice. To trust - in our abilities and in life. And the support of friends in whom we can confide. Professional support is sometimes really good

The OneEightZero summer special: bookable until July 15th.
5 times 50 minutes reduced by 30%, € 90.- per session incl. VAT.

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This is what you get in 49 days: In our video you will get an overview of the unique OneEightZero° program. You will be amazed at the possibilities it offers.

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Recent Blogposts

The 180° turn
 to yourself

Moments can change lives. OneEightZero° founder Michael Marchetti knows what he is talking about: During a 3000 km hike through New Zealand with his wife, his own priorities were completely rearranged. These turned him from a pilot into a company founder and supporter of colleagues who want to reinvent themselves.

Developing to make you grow

Who we are.

Our team consists of pilots, journalists, coaches and transformation experts. We know from our own experience what a strain a job change is and how much courage change takes. The better the preparation, the more successful your new start. We help you do it. Fast. Competently. And above all: human.

We believe in people.

What we believe.

Each person is unique, born with talents and gifts to give to the world. Give, to be precise. It's not about how to make money the fastest, but about what everyone can contribute to this world. Whoever finds that will also find his vocation. Whoever can make a profession out of it will also be happy.

One on One Coaching

What we offer.

"Safe spaces for truth telling is what the world needs most today," says US author Parker Palmer. We agree.

In One On One Coaching, you state your topic and we listen. One hour of not knowing, instead of instant answers. In which you can talk without having to do anything. No fixing, no advising, no correcting. Just the right questions that will take you further.


a new

We from OneEightZero love liveliness - beyond efficiency, growth and consumption. Because what falls by the wayside is usually: us.

That's why we create spaces where people can come to rest and show themselves. This can be an evening around the campfire with deep conversations as well as a live event or online coaching. Or opportunities to surprise yourself and consciously be out of your comfort zone for a few days. Interested? Then join us for our next Onboarding Zoom Call or write to us at

"The evening with you has triggered a thought process for me. I know I want to continue sitting in the cockpit. But for the first time the next morning I thought to myself: possibly flying is not yet everything in my life."

Karin Arning, First Officer A380, Dubai

"Leadership skills outside the traditional hierarchies are a key task for the future. It starts with the topic of self-leadership. OneEightZero° strikes exactly in this notch - for me, therefore, a valuable program that extends far beyond the next job."

Silvia Kaupa-Götzl, Managing Director of Österreichische Postbus AG, Vienna

"Whow – this program is top-notch! Both technically and in terms of content I am very impressed."

René Reisacher, Copilot Corporate Aviation, Vienna

"I am enthusiastic about the quality and versatility of the program!"

Martina Kitzer, Agile Coach and former Union Leader , Vienna

"OneEightZero° has set a lot of rolling and encouraged me to go new ways. Not to shy away from risk and to rediscover my talents. To find a way out of this mood between dreariness and lack of alternatives."

Capt. Christian Winkel, Bombardier Q 400, Bregenz

"Although flying private jets is booming at the moment, conditions for us pilots have deteriorated in some cases. I know some colleagues who are asking themselves the question of meaning. The OneEightZero° program is a valuable offer to reorient themselves professionally."

Capt. Tassilo Lubec, Global Express Businessjet, Vienna

"People learn through play. That's how we find solutions where we didn't expect them. OneEightZero° helps to break down the barriers in our own heads."

Stella Schüler, Professor of Game Design 2014-2018, Leipzig

"Here, people who come from the industry are at work with a motivating team. You can feel that immediately. OneEightZero° conveys that change is not only negative – for me personally a very valuable approach in times of upheaval!"

Sabine Zimmer, former team leader Cabin Crew, Lufthansa Frankfurt

To sum
it up

Our platform wraps all the important information into a journey you can enjoy at home, abroad or wherever you are right now.


communication is key.

If you have any questions regarding our courses, coaching sessions or any other issues you might wanna know more about, use the form to the right and contact us!