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Knowing your transferable Skills is an asset when it comes to find a new job. We are hired more for our experience and skills rather then a specific degree. This opens up a wider range of options for your job search. And, at least a important is: to know your value as a potential employee or an independent entrepreneur strengthens your self-confidence. Be ready to find your place in the job-market!

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Anne Schreiter

Expert on Transferable Skills

Expert on Transferable Skills

Anne Schreiter is Executive Director of the German Scholars Organization (GSO), an independent nonprofit in Berlin that advises, connects, promotes, and funds researchers who want to build a career in Germany – a workforce with similar challenges to flight crews when it comes to career transitions. Anne studied Social and Business Communications and Sociology in Berlin and Chinese Language in Nanjing, China. After receiving her PhD in Organizational Sociology from the University of St. Gallen, she spent a year as a postdoctoral researcher at UC Berkeley, USA. In 2015, she transitioned from academia to the nonprofit sector. She offers individual sparring sessions or customized workshops on topics such as identifying transferable skills and values or leveraging LinkedIn for your job search.

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Anne Schreiter recommends: The Muse as a helpful resource - it focuses on an US-American audience, but has helpful articles for job seekers in general: