Announcement: Super Tuesday with Capt. Andreas Wieser

Announcement: Super Tuesday with Capt. Andreas Wieser

The images and news from Ukraine shock every day. But beyond the headlines, the events have also turned the lives of hundreds of pilots and flight attendants upside down: Recently, a former colleague called me from Russia in despair: the crew could not pay the hotel bill because the credit card stopped working. Another fears for his job: for weeks he has been sitting on the ground without work, his type rating expires in six weeks, the company has cancelled the recurrent. Future uncertain. Due to the vacant jobs, the pressure to find a job is growing, the competition for applications is much bigger than it was a few weeks ago.

Reason enough for us to dedicate an evening to the affected colleagues from Corporate Aviation: on May 10, our "OneEightZero° - Super Tuesday", the regular online meeting on Tuesday evenings, will be dedicated to the exchange and discussion of how things will continue in this very exclusive industry segment. How crews can use the time of uncertainty productively for themselves.

The keynote speaker for the evening will be Capt. Andreas Wieser, an active Gulfstream 650 pilot who knows the industry like no other. As a former training manager and flight operations manager for companies such as Jetalliance, Avconjet and Qatar Executive, he also knows the "other side" and has successfully built up several professional pillars for himself in recent years. He will share his perspective with us.

I am also looking forward to personally introducing the OneEightZero° program and our workshops to all interested parties, but especially about our guest, who as a flight operations manager was also my own boss for two years.

Registrations now on our website under the heading onboarding events.