OneEightZero° Founder Michael Marchetti talking about the first Webinar

OneEightZero° Founder Michael Marchetti talking about the first Webinar

Weeks of preparation and hustle and bustle behind the scenes came to an end this evening with the launch of OneEightZero°! At our first webinar, which was attended by interested parties from as many as six different countries in and outside Europe, we ventured a look at the "new normal" in aviation.

The debts of state-owned carriers, competition with low-cost airlines and the need to cut costs will also have an impact on crews, Marion Garaus, professor at Modul University Vienna, is convinced.

Cost efficiency means shorter turnarounds, savings on hotels and even crew catering. The training of pilots is becoming a business for low-cost airlines without guaranteeing them a place in the cockpit.

Professor Garaus gave us an overview in her keynote speech and also made clear the differences to previous crises in aviation.

In addition to the pandemic and accelerated digitalization, the war in Ukraine and the resulting sharp rise in energy prices, it is also climate change that will change aviation in the longer term.

One of the consequences: Jobs that were considered secure for years are no longer so. Developing a personal alternative and adapting to lifelong learning will become more important.

The good news is that OneEightZero° has brought in the best experts and worked with them. For example, we have our own masterclass on "Transferable Skills," which summarizes professional strengths of flight crews. You can also book your own workshop on this topic in our store, independent of our 7-week program, which is all about exploring what potential lies within each individual. Starting today, we are making the first 5 days available to interested parties free of charge as an opportunity to get to know each other.  

Exchange and community is a real concern for us as former pilots and flight attendants coming from the industry.

We would like to offer a forum for all who are interested. With a mindset that puts cooperation above competition, that sees change as something positive, with people who are ready to take their lives in their hands. From now on we will give you the opportunity to do this every week with Zoom calls - you can find the dates in the Onboarding Events section. Stay tuned and let us walk this path together!